Why should you hire a specialized 3D Company?

With the evolution of the markets, we noticed the need to surprise more and more. With each new project, the way you present your product becomes a challenge. The Marketing and Sales sectors are more sensitive to this normally. Developing a good presentation film, catalogs or even a folder are essential tools for high performance in sales.

However, how can you attract a customer to purchase your product or even to strengthen a brand among the giants that already exist?

In every production chain, from conception to product launch, it is necessary to have good partners as a key to success.

Within this cycle and in certain markets, it is necessary to use virtual tools.

The real estate development business is an excellent example where virtual solutions are necessary in commercial presentation.

Selling a real estate launch without a material that really follows in faith with what the market is proposing can certainly become a big headache. That is why the development of a project for a real estate launch requires attention to several peculiarities. Like, for example, being in accordance with the current laws, capturing the vision that the company is seeking to show, understanding the proposed design, valuing the spaces that will be built, among other details that end up making this process arduous. At this moment, a company with experience makes all the difference, after all, each task requires specific skills and knowledge for developing an excellent result, enabling to create a realistic project.

However, is it worth investing in 3D? Can I find a person who does it cheaply? Is it just rendering?

Questions like these are routines in the daily life of a 3D company, however, at that moment it is important to have the support of a specialized company, because the product in question needs to have a high level of realism.

Therefore, I would like to share with you some important points for choosing a company to bring your real estate development to life:


To have an effective project planning, it is necessary to understand all stages of the process, eliminating the edges. Because there are many variables that will define whether the project will be successful, therefore, the professional team needs to have expertise and know how to predict the most varied situations that may occur.

For this, we seek more and more to invest in Project Management Tools, to have an effective communication with customers, (Know our CAP tool here :)) have a specialized team, with responsible people from each sector and always seek improvements in processes. It can never be good.

Within the team item, we believe that an expert in architectural visualization needs to know not only the work tools, but also the actual construction processes. Therefore, in our team, our professionals are all in the field of architecture and design, offering technical experience and knowledge. This is essential for clients, as the professional understands the design and construction process, anticipates potential challenges and takes responsibility for the work.

Our specialists are trained in planning and zoning requirements, among other skills that facilitate the process of developing illustrations. Therefore, they are able to adapt the chosen environments, in order to fit the ideal views to maximize its sales performance.

A 3D Studio can also help you analyze alternatives to create visually attractive environments in terms of design and with high quality detailing. Thus, the customer can achieve his goals and have his wishes and requirements met.


In an increasingly fast-paced world, time has become people's most precious treasure, a Studio specializing in 3D perspectives can bring that advantage to your project. A specialist achieves a faster performance, because the company is composed of several professionals in the field of architecture and graphic composition that have enormous knowledge and practice to execute projects in a much shorter time than a freelancer, offering quality, realism and fidelity to the project.


We know that accidents happen every day, such as a glass of water spilled on the CPU, the CPU crashing and the consequent rupture of internal parts, burned hard drives or robbery during the night. If your server goes away in any way, your data is also lost. When you have backup available in the cloud, this does not happen, because the information is stored on virtual servers and decentralized. If one fails, another takes over and its data is preserved. Therefore, in our services we offer with no additional cost, cloud backup of all our works for up to 5 years, enabling the company to recover safely its files if some accident happen.


When we receive a new project, we start a series of internal steps that aim to deliver an amazing final product. After the initial stages of checklist, Briefing and Interior Design, we work exclusively so that each project is unique and has in itself all the aspects that the client would like to communicate in his real estate project. Therefore, we offer exclusivity in our compositions, furniture, decorations, lighting, materials and textures, creating sophisticated and welcoming environments. All those scenes are meticulously planned in order to make the customers and investors feel instigated to get to know about the launches, consequently meeting the expectations and demands of our customers.

We understand that 3D is a cog in the entire productive cycle of a business. All steps are essential to achieve success. Bona Studio 3D, for its part, advances every day, focusing on the creative and technological market to be ahead, supporting our partners in their needs. Count on us always!