english - Inside Bona Studio

Every history has a beginning. Victories, defeats, happiness and sadness. A Company does not become what it is out of nowhere. That is the reason why we honor our past. We believe that when we know from where we come, it gets easier to have a destination.

Keeping that in mind, we would like to invite you to get to know a little more about our history :) .

The history of Bona Studio began in 1998, when the architect Bona had his first contact with the CGI World. This discovery started inside him a great passion that led the young architect to dive deep into those new possibilities that were at his disposal. His journey began with Undergraduate thesis, soon turning into projects for architects and eventually reached space among construction companies.

Throughout time, the recognition of his talent highlighted the need of going one step further, so in 2009 Bona Studio was officially opened as a CG Company. The desire for new challenges made Bona’s work gain a lot of strength in the market, enabling the evolution of the company. Consequently, with the up growth came the need for professionalization through the purchase of new equipment, software, and hiring employees who helped to consolidate the brand with quality, excellence and commitment.

Despite all the progress that have had been made, something still seemed to be missing for achieving a higher success, so in 2017 Bona Studio gained a new partner. Willian Pereira, Marketing and Sales Specialist, joined the company to take over the direction of the commercial area, supporting the company in strengthening the brand and customer relationships. With the entry of the new partner, Bona Studio's image was revamped, now with new logo and differentiated material, starting a new cycle of achievements.

Among so many changes and cycles that began and ended, one thing has never changed in the heart of the company, the pursuit of excellence and commitment to our partners. We will continue our journey, seeking continuous improvement and carrying in our minds the mission to surprise in each project that we make in our Studio with great care and dedication.

This is the history of Bona Studio so far, however, we are still writing this book. Therefore, we would like to invite you to be part of our history, contact us today to develop your project or became our partner. We look forward from hearing from you.