Bona Studio creates CAP model for Project Management inspired by SCRUM method

The method created by Ken Schwaber and Jeff Sutherland based on the Transparency, Inspection and Adaptation Pillars, helps the production in our company flow quickly, generating performance gains. For this method to work, we felt the need to improve the quality of Bona Studio and Partners communication. That is how the CAP was born.

What is CAP?

CAP is nothing more than a Cloud tool, where we centralize project-related information. This practice makes life easier for everyone involved.

“We felt the need to improve our communication between the development team and our customers, especially to provide security for our partners, enabling them to understand what is being developed during the project execution and if it is in line with their expectations. This practice allows us to give a much better level of delivery to our customers, because we avoid the unpleasant surprises when the customer receive the preview, and we know that a better communication will improve our relationship, because everyone involved has access to information, whether the Engineer, Architect, industry Sales, Marketing or Managers. Better delivery and more performance are the bottom line.” Valmor Bona Jr. - Director.

How does the CAP works?

At the beginning of the project, we receive the initial files and we gather all the project related information that we will execute. In addition, we analyze received files, checking for possible divergences. Then we developed a detailed customer briefing to align expectation, target audience, market and particularities.

At that moment the CAP is born. Later, already on the platform, we sent a checklist with all the images that will be developed, also with a careful level of detail. All of this is done with great agility and dexterity of the professional responsible for the schedules, in order to execute the demand of our partner efficiently.

After this initial step, all the information will be centralized in the CAP and available to those who are involved. We will align the camera definitions, composition, doubts and previews in the CAP.

Maycon Freitas shared his experience, check it out below:

"The new method used by Bona Studio in project management has made our daily lives a lot easier. Since the application of materials, the process of modifications and revisions, everything has become faster, more centralized and assertive. It facilitates the communication and the flow of the entire project development, enabling to remember everything from the beginning to the current stage of the work in a dynamic and assertive way. Congratulations on the initiative." Maycon Freitas – Construction Company Amalfi.

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